Effective Security Hygiene Takes Planning

So how will you respond to the changing threat landscape?

The Business Threat Landscape Has Changed

Some organizations view cyber protection in terms of network and perimeter security.  This view has become outdated.  We are in the new, modern world of IoT, Cloud, SaaS, FaaS, mobile and DevOps; this means organizations need to approach their cyber defense in a way that adapts to this new world of modern assets. 

Given today's threats to the modern attack surface, security needs to be designed and built in agile layers so that if one layer is breached, the other layers continue to provide protection.  The threat landscape has changed and evolved, so it's time for your cybersecurity protection to do the same.






While digital transformation has opened up a whole new world of opportunities, it has also opened up your attack surface.  This is the modern attack surface you must now defend.

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