Protecting your assets in the cloud is a constantly evolving challenge that legacy security tools are not equipped to handle.  We approach cloud security holistically by identifying a set of security processes and technology solutions that underpin our client's cloud strategy.

Our experts employ the OWASP Application Security Validation Standard (ASVS) across our testing practices to expose the other 45% of defect hiding in your applications.  With ASVS we are able to find defects related to security controls that are not easily identified through other activities, such as DAST, SAST, or pen testing.

Software Vulnerabilities are Your Largest Attack Vector

Maintaining, developing, and protecting your company's web applications can be difficult. Web applications have become critical assets and runs virtually every aspect of your business today. These assets have become attractive targets for threat actors and the source of most reported security breaches. But having to maintain the in-house resources to protect these assets can be expensive and can be truly overwhelming. That is where iQ-Cyber becomes an invaluable partner.

We provide a full battery of cybersecurity solutions and IT consulting services to ensure your company runs optimally, at all times. Our analysts and cyber architects are available for on-site and remote services round the clock.

iQ-Cyber's Actionable Cyber Insurance Risk assessment has been specifically  tailored, for the small and midsized firms, to provide a quick, high-level evaluation of an organization's risk level based on their digital footprint and Internet presence.  This assessment will facilitate the identification, classification and analysis of cyber risk for insurance underwriting and/or the prospective insurance buyer.

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment

We can provide PCI/HIPAA subject matter experts to assist with applying and implementing privacy/breach notifications ruless, writing PCI/HIPAA policies and integrating with other applicable laws and regulations.

Balancing cybersecurity and regulatory compliance